International Organization for Mediation Preparatory Office

Dr Sun Jin obtained a Bachelor of Laws from the Institute of International Law of Wuhan University in 1993, and then a Master of Laws (Private International Law) and a Doctoral degree (on-the-job) from the same institute. Dr Sun obtained a Master of Laws (International and Comparative Law) from the University of Melbourne in 2008.

Dr Sun has served in different positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (MFA) since 1996, including the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Treaty and Law, the Special Representative on Climate Change Negotiation Deputy of the MFA, and the Deputy Director-General at the Department of International Cooperation at the International Cooperation Bureau of the Supreme People’s Court (temporary position). Over the years, Dr Sun has led Chinese delegations to participate in numerous bilateral and multilateral treaty negotiations and international conferences. Since February 2023, Dr Sun has been appointed as Director-General of the International Organization for Mediation Preparatory Office.

Dr Sun obtained the National Lawyer’s Qualification in 1994, and became an arbitrator of the 6th Beijing International Arbitration Center in 2017. In addition to serving as an adjunct professor at the Law School of Wuhan University, Dr Sun has also been a governing council member of the Institute of International Law of Wuhan University since 2018. Dr Sun has published a lot of books and articles over the years, including ‘The Hague Judgments Convention and How We Negotiated It’ and ‘On Building China’s Comprehensive Investment Treaty Framework’.