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World Economic Forum:
Roadmap for Cross-Border Data Flows

Over the past year, Professor Julien Chaisse, a member of our Advisory Board, has worked with the World Economic Forum on the preparation and publication of A Roadmap for Cross-Border Data Flows: Future-Proofing Readiness and Cooperation in the New Data Economy (2020), aiming to empower data economies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and build trust among nations. Beyond doubt, this work has now taken on new meaning as we are facing COVID-19 and the dire need for economic recovery. At a challenging time like this when people cannot move while data can, international data flows are indeed the key to unlocking economic potential and boosting global economic growth. How can governments be empowered to develop their data economies for recovery and growth? In an attempt to tackle this difficult question, the Roadmap recently released by the World Economic Forum sets a path to economic recovery for governments, providing in-depth deliberation on policies with regard to trade, investment, and data innovation. The Academy is proud to have participated in this important work and is pleased to share the Roadmap, which is available at: