Asian Academy of International Law
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About AAIL

A platform for discussions on international law issues and to research in developing areas of international law


The Asian Academy of International Law Ltd (AAIL) is an independent and non-profit making body, set up in Hong Kong to further the studies, research and development of international law in Asia. The AAIL provides a platform for discussions on international law issues and to research in developing areas of international law, in order to enhance and reinforce Asia’s role and participation in the formulation of international law and international relations. AAIL aims to provide specialized education and training to practitioners, national judges, students and government officials in areas of international law. The unique distinction between AAIL and other international law institutes is that AAIL concentrates on involvement of Asian countries as well as collaboration between practitioners and academia.

& Mission.

To establish a centre for the learning, research, training and promotion of and on international law and to support the development of international law as it relates to the global, and in particular Asian, economies.

To provide training and education in international law subjects, including without limitation public international law, private international law, WTO, investment law, law of the sea, cyber law, and international arbitration practice, on its own or in collaboration of other academic or professional institution.

Conducting research in topics relevant to international law and on other aspects from time to time; publishing research papers from the AAIL as well as third party contributions, publishing journals, bulletins or other online or offline magazines, whether periodically or on an ad hoc basis, all with the aim of furthering the learning and knowledge in the international law sphere.

To provide best practice guidelines or model clauses or contracts for international trade and commerce, banking and finance, capital markets, infrastructure construction and development, intellectual property or such other aspects of human endeavours.

To provide a platform for discussion and debates on topical subjects in international law.