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19 OCTOBER 2023

AAIL’s first-time participation in AALCO Annual Session

The Asian Academy of International Law (AAIL) has been invited to be an Observer to the 61st Annual Session of Asian African Legal Consultative Orgnisation (AALCO), an international organisation comprised of Member States from Asia and Africa, serving as a multilateral platform to facilitate discussion on topical international law issues.

As the Co-Chairman of the AAIL, Ms Teresa Cheng GBM GBS SC JP intervened as an Observer organisation during the session on the topic of ‘International Trade and Investment Law’.

In her remarks, the AAIL shared its views on several matters relating to the investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS) reform. The AAIL welcomes the Draft Provisions and Guidelines on Mediation for International Investment Disputes that were adopted by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) in July 2023 and looks forward to the establishment of the International Organisation for Mediation. The AAIL also provided some views on the two topics discussed at the 46th Session of the UNCITRAL Working Group III that was held in Vienna this October: the Advisory Centre on International Law, and the Draft Provisions for Procedural and Cross-Cutting Issues. The AAIL recalled its role in capacity building programmes such as the Investment Law & Investor-State Mediator Training and urges capacity building programmes for assessment of damages for stakeholders in international investment dispute settlement mechanisms be set up.

The full text of the intervention can be downloaded here.