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Dr Sorajak Kasemsuvan is an LLM graduate in International Law from University College, London and an alumnus of the London School of Economics with a PhD in International Law (Law of the Sea). During his time in London, he also worked as a translator and broadcaster for the BBC’s Thai language service. Upon his return to Thailand, he pursued his career in diplomacy, lecturing in international law (the law of the sea, aviation and outer space law), becoming Dean of Assumption University Law School as well as President of Stanford International University. His career in the private sector included President of Thai Airways International, Chairman of MCOT Public Company Limited, Independent Director of Electricity Generating Public Company Limited and Independent Director of Seamico Securities Public Co. Ltd. He was appointed Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Thailand between 2002-2004 and also 2006. Dr Kasemsuvan currently holds position of Chairman of Tune Protect Thailand Insurance Public Company Limited and Chairman of Bangkok Aviation Center Public Company Limited. He is also Vice Chairman of the Council of the Rajamangala Technology University Isan (RMUTI) as well as Secretary-General and Council Member of Asian Peace and Reconciliation Council (APRC).