Asian Academy of International Law

Sreenivasa Rao

Dr Pemmaraju is currently the President of the Institut De Droit International, and is its member since 1999. He was a member of the International Law Commission (1987-2006), and its Chairman (1995). Dr Pemmaraju received his J.S.D from the Yale Law School, USA in 1970, did post-doctoral research for another 4 more years in the USA before working for as India’s legal adviser from 1975-2002. He was a delegate to the Third Law of Sea conferences from 1978-1982. Dr Pemmaraju served as an arbitrator in the Bay of Bengal Maritime Boundary Delimitation between Bangladesh and India (2010-2014). Earlier, he served as an ad hoc judge of the ICJ (2004-2008) appointed by Singapore; and was also appointed as an arbitrator in the case between Libya and Switzerland (2010-2012). Dr Pemmaraju has several publications and a book on the law of the sea to his credit.