Asian Academy of International Law
20 JAN 2021


Space Tourism, Space Commercialisation
and the Development of Space Law

Asian Academy of International Law

Stepping into the era of space commercialisation, the past several decades witnessed tremendous growth in space activities, ranging from manned space flight to landing on the moon and even exploration of Mars. After a succinct introduction given by Dr Anthony Neoh QC SC JP, Chairman of the Asian Academy of International Law, Professor Zhao Yun, Head of the Department of Law of The University of Hong Kong, first reviewed the establishment of the basic system of space law, including the origin of space law, pivotal space treaties, and fundamental principles. He then expounded on the latest development and legal challenges revolving around space commercialisation, space environment, space security, and space sustainability. In particular, he highlighted different legal issues regarding space travel and space mining, before concluding with observations on the ongoing trend of space privatisation, the diversification of space law legislation, and the importance of international cooperation. This talk aroused great interest among the participants coming from over 30 countries and regions.

What attendees say

• The contents were interesting and thought-provoking.
• A great webinar to learn about the basic legal principles on space exploration and legal challenges regarding space commercialisation.
• The topic was presented in a manner that made it very interesting. I appreciated that Professor Zhao gave updates on what private corporations and entities are currently working on in relation to the commercial use of the outer space.
• The talk highlighted the key conventions and suggested some inspiring areas of research.
• An area of law we don’t often hear much about. Many thanks to the organiser.