24 January 2022


New Ordinance on CISG – Updates on Hong Kong’s Law on International Sale of Goods

Department of Justice, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Asian Academy of International Law

Over the past decades, the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) has been widely recognised as a pivotal legal document in the promotion of international trade. In light of that and along with the enactment and anticipated coming into force of the Sale of Goods (United Nations Convention) Ordinance in Hong Kong, this webinar provided a timely introduction to CISG and the new Ordinance, attracting over 300 registrants coming from 26 countries/regions. It started with a succinct overview of the new Ordinance presented by Mr Peter Wong, Deputy Law Officer (Treaties and Law) from the Department of Justice of the Hong Kong SAR. Then, Professor Dr Ulrich G. Schroeter from the University of Basel examined different key provisions that legal practitioners must know about CISG, covering contract interpretation, buyer’s duty, two-year cut-off rule, etc.

What attendees say

• It’s a short and sharp presentation highlighting the key provisions that practitioners should be aware of in their future practice.
• A very helpful and good overview, addressing the issue of opting out as well as the benefit of applying CISG to Hong Kong.
• It provided a good overview of key issues along with the coming into force of the CISG ordinance in Hong Kong.
• Useful and practical introduction of CISG.
• Excellent presentation indeed.

Overview of the New Ordinance

What You Must Know About CISG as a Legal Practitioner