21 February 2022


CISG Legal Training Workshop –
Essential Know-How for Lawyers

Department of Justice, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,
Asian Academy of International Law

Attracting over 500 registrants coming from 55 jurisdictions, this Workshop focused on the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), an important international convention that has been playing a pivotal role in removing legal barriers and promoting international trade. Divided into two parts, it featured two prominent CISG experts, Professor Dr Ulrich G. Schroeter from the University of Basel and Professor Dr Stefan Kröll from the Bucerius Law School. In Part I on ‘In-Depth Analysis of the Main Provisions of CISG’, Professor Dr Schroeter presented a thorough review of the applicability of CISG, the general rules, the formation of contracts, and the obligations and remedies of sellers and buyers. In Part II, titled ‘Practical Tips for Lawyers on Contract Drafting, Dispute Prevention, etc. in Light of CISG’, Professor Dr Kröll delved into an array of practical issues, including the selection of applicable law and dispute resolution mechanism, the drafting, interpretation and formation of contracts, parties’ obligations, and the breach of contract and remedies.

What attendees say

• The presentations are well structured and topics are very updated and interesting.
• The presentation highlighted the common issues in the interpretation of CISG. It provided legal practitioners with insights into what we should be aware of in drafting contracts and advising clients.
• The contents were practical, succinct and precise. The professors were very knowledgeable on the topic and provided useful tips on what parties to the contract or their legal advisors should watch out for when considering or using the CISG.
• The contents were very detailed and useful for practitioners.

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Part I: In-Depth Analysis of the Main Provisions of CISG

Part II: Practical Tips for Lawyers on Contract Drafting, Dispute Prevention, etc. in Light of CISG