Asian Academy of International Law
07 July 2022


Recent Development in Arbitration Cases

Asian Academy of International Law,
The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (East Asia Branch)

Focusing on the topic of ‘Recent Development in Arbitration Cases’, this webinar provided an in-depth and up-to-date review of several noteworthy cases in a systematic manner, covering an array of issues that might come up at different stages throughout the arbitration process. Starting from the initial choice of arbitration versus litigation to the flexibility in extending the time limit of setting aside an award, a widely recognised leading arbitrator of Hong Kong, Mr Adrian Lai dissected Hong Kong courts’ interpretation of international instruments while making reference to pertinent judgements rendered in other jurisdictions, and also highlighted important practical issues that international arbitration stakeholders might consider before the webinar ended with a Q&A session moderated by Dr David Fong. This webinar received very positive responses from the audience, attracting well over 300 registrants coming from 44 countries/regions around the world.

What attendees say

• It contained detailed and cogent explanation of the topic. Expectations exceeded.
• The cases referred to served to illustrate the legal issues clearly and draw out various points for discussion.
• The case analysis was super useful.
• Very insightful and detailed explanation with lively examples.
• It was interesting, updated and informative.

Recent Development in
Arbitration Cases

Mr Adrian Lai

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