08 August 2022


Space Commercialisation and Space Sustainability:
Softening of Space Law

Asian Academy of International Law

Despite the five significant international treaties laying the foundations of the legal framework in the space era, regulatory gaps have begun to surface, especially in light of the latest developments characterised by a surge in satellite usage and commercial activities. At this second edition of our Space Law webinar series moderated by Dr Anthony Neoh, Professor Zhao Yun reviewed the issues of space commercialisation and privatisation and the ensuing challenges such as space security and sustainability, moving on to a detailed examination of an array of soft-law rules and international cooperation projects as important means of promoting mutual benefits, sharing of common resources, peaceful use and long-term sustainability of outer space. This webinar attracted a diverse group of registrants comprised of academics, engineers, legal professionals, business executives, representatives from governments and consulates, etc. coming from 32 countries/regions around the world.

What attendees say

• It was informative and insightful.
• It broadened my horizons in this field of study.
• The webinar was very informative and innovative. I like it very much!
• It gave me a good and comprehensive picture of the subject matter.
• It was great to hear about the historical context and current issues relating to space law, in particular space commercialisation and regulation.

Space Commercialisation and Space Sustainability:
Softening of Space Law

Prof Zhao Yun

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