31 August 2022


International Competition Law (I)
Internationalising Competition Law: Prospects and Challenges

Asian Academy of International Law,
Des Voeux Chambers,
International League of Competition Law (Hong Kong Chapter)

With competition constituting one of the fundamental driving factors for optimal functioning of free markets and development of vibrant economies, competition law has emerged as an area of growing international significance, being further propelled in the context of globalisation with unprecedented advances in technology and flourishing cross-border flow of goods, talents and capital. Focusing on this key topic, the first edition of this webinar series presented a systematic overview of the basics of competition law, including the overarching goals and different types of agreements, mergers and abuse of dominance dealt with in competition law. The expert speaker, Mr Kelvin Kwok, also examined major competition regimes and deliberated on the complexities of the internationalisation of competition law, before concluding with a case study that succinctly illustrated an array of challenges and potential solutions revolving around cross-border anti-competitive practices. The second and third editions of the International Competition Law Series are to be held on 15 and 23 September 2022.

What attendees say

• Very organised and well presented.
• The contents were informative and new to me.
• Clear and concise explanation of the objectives of the laws and the enforcement approaches.
• Very informative and thorough. Good overview of the basic principles and the international perspective with case study.
• I like the discussion between the moderator and the speaker. The part on mergers and application scope limited to the telecom industry was engaging.
• Mr Kwok is a good speaker and very knowledgeable about this area of law!

International Competition Law Series I

Mr Kelvin Kwok