15 September 2022


International Competition Law (II)
E-Commerce and Competition Law

Asian Academy of International Law
Des Voeux Chambers,
International League of Competition Law (Hong Kong Chapter)

Along with the shift away from traditional offline channels and consequently the noteworthy growth of online trade of goods and services to a large extent accelerated by the pandemic, the landscape of e-commerce has been changed and complicated on many fronts. Other than the tantalising opportunities for businesses, this has at the same time brought about profound implications for competition within and across markets and hence necessitating an in-depth discussion on competition laws and policies. Aiming to address these issues, Ms Connie Lee and Mr Joshua Yeung started off by briefly introducing the changes, market definition and market power for e-commerce, then moved on to expound on the pricing structures and algorithms in relation to competition law issues, and also in particular looked into different types of anti-competitive vertical arrangements.

What attendees say

• The discussion was substantive and clear.
• The contents were explained in great depth.
• The contents were insightful which provided a clear analysis of this important topic.
• I like that there were a lot of useful examples to demonstrate the concepts.

E-Commerce and
Competition Law

Connie Lee &
Joshua Yeung