20 October 2022


International Jurisprudence in Domestic Courts

Asian Academy of International Law,
AAIL Foundation

In ‘the common judicial enterprise’, the frontiers of international and national realms are becoming blurry in recent decades, as more often than before international and domestic tribunals need to apply international law in exercising their judicial functions. Looking into this momentous shift, in particular the surge of national courts drawing reference from international jurisprudence, Dr Oktawian Kuc started off with an extensive and theoretical analysis of the rationale behind from both international and constitutional perspectives, and then moved on to the statistics of over 200 cases spanning over the past 60 years to illustrate this notable and prevalent trend in practice. Echoing his findings, Mr Adrian Lai focused on the Hong Kong context in citing several well selected cases and depicting a balanced picture of the courts’ general stance towards international jurisprudence.

What attendees say

• This topic is new to me, and I am glad to have the chance to learn about international jurisprudence.
• The contents were very detailed, yet concise and precise.
• It provided takeaway points that were easy to understand.
• The speakers shared some important academic and practical knowledge.
• The presentation was informative and the data really helped put things into perspective.
• The overview of Hong Kong cases was very helpful.

International Jurisprudence in Hong Kong Courts

Mr Adrian Lai JP

International Jurisprudence in Domestic Courts

Dr Oktawian Kuc