24 Mar 2023

2023 CISG Workshop:
The CISG vs. Contract Law in Hong Kong

Asian Academy of International Law
AAIL Foundation

Since its adoption in 1980, the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) has been widely recognised for providing a modern, uniform and fair legal regime for international sale of goods. The entry into effect of the Sale of Goods (United Nations Convention) Ordinance (Cap. 641) in Hong Kong on 1 December 2022 was, therefore, very well received by local business and legal communities. Against this background, the Workshop provided a timely introduction to the CISG with Professor Hiroo Sono delving into an array of important issues pertaining to the CISG in terms of its application, interpretation as well as its interplay with the domestic law. Well-chosen examples complementing a comprehensive overview of the subject matter led the audiences into vigorous discussions.

What attendees say

• The contents met my expectations as the speaker delivered the most updated, concise and clear messages about the CISG.
• Professor Sono is not only an expert in the area, but he is also a good speaker who explained the CISG very clearly.
• The workshop was well organised and illustrated with appropriate examples.
• It provided a clear overview of the key provisions of the CISG.
• The comparison approach enabled me to understand more easily and perhaps more deeply about the CISG.
• The workshop was great and the session was also interactive.
• I liked the way the speaker welcomed questions during his presentation.

2023 CISG Workshop:
The CISG vs. Contract Law in Hong Kong

Professor Hiroo Sono

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