Asian Academy of International Law
5 June 2023

Key Trends in Antitrust, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Sanctions and Foreign Direct Investment – Hong Kong, EU, UK and US Perspectives

Asian Academy of International Law
AAIL Foundation

From a cross-jurisdictional perspective, this seminar provided a rich discussion concentrating on some of the key developments that are of particular relevance and importance to businesses. Complimented with the Hong Kong perspective by Ms Catrina Lam as the moderator, Mr Brent Snyder and Mr Jindrich Kloub shed light on the recent intensive antitrust investigations in the labour market noted in both EU and US respectively. Following that, Mr Cédric Burton shared the enforcement of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and its seminal application to artificial intelligence, while Mr Michael S. Casey compared the sanction regimes of the EU, US and UK in terms of jurisdiction, facilitation and circumvention, and enforcement issues.

What attendees say

• The seminar was informative, up-to-date and practical.
• I’m particularly impressed by the comparison of the development between EU, US and HK competition laws.
• The moderator and speakers are leading practitioners and experts in the field. My heartfelt thanks to them for sharing their wisdom and knowledge!

Competition / Antitrust

Mr Brent Snyder
Mr Jindrich Kloub

Privacy, Cybersecurity and AI

Mr Cédric Burton

Sanctions and Foreign Direct Investment

Mr Michael S. Casey