Asian Academy of International Law
07 December 2023

2023 Colloquium on International Law
Navigating the Current International Legal Order

Asian Academy of International Law
AAIL Foundation
Chinese Society of International Law

As the Academy’s annual signature event, 2023 Colloquium on International Law attracted wide media coverage as well as participants from Hong Kong and beyond, including academics, legal experts, business leaders, government officials, consular corps and delegates from around the world.

Bringing together an array of world-renowned and highly esteemed speakers, it explored the challenges and opportunities of international trade and examined the rules of conduct for harmonious regional cooperation, in particular underscoring the dedication and contribution of Hong Kong in upholding an effective international legal order as a leading global centre for business and dispute resolution.

Other than the Academy’s Co-Chairmen, Dr Anthony Neoh SC JP and Ms Teresa Cheng GBM GBS SC JP, the Colloquium was graced with the presence of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, Mr John Lee GBM SBS PDSM PMSM; Acting Commissioner of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in the Hong Kong SAR, Mr Li Yongsheng; Director-General of the Department of Treaty and Law of, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Ambassador Ma Xinmin; Secretary for Justice of the Hong Kong SAR, Mr Paul Lam SBS SC JP, and Secretary General of The Hague Conference on Private International Law, Dr Christophe Bernasconi, just to name a few. The full-length video recording will be made available soon.

What attendees say

• There was a broad coverage of topics and perspectives.
• The Colloquium has indeed deepened my understanding of international legal order.
• There’s a good balance between academic and practical experience sharing.
• The topics are very timely.
• The contents comprehensively covered various topics concerning international law, which are highly relevant to the scope of my work.

2023 Colloquium Panel I

Hans Michael Jebsen

2023 Colloquium Panel I

Anthony Neoh

2023 Colloquium Panel II

Sun Jin

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