30 April 2024


CISG and Its Application to Hong Kong

Asian Academy of International Law
ICC Young Arbitration and ADR Forum

Originating from the rise of international trade, the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) has become one of the most successful and widely recognised international treaties for removing legal barriers and establishing a uniform legal regime to regulate international sale of goods. Almost four decades after being adopted at the Vienna Conference, CISG became applicable to Hong Kong via the Sale of Goods (United Nations Convention) Ordinance which came into force in 2022. Against this background, this webinar started off with a keynote speech delivered by Professor Ulrich G. Schroeter to review the application of CISG in Hong Kong and to parties from Hong Kong in the early days. The keynote speech was followed by the panel discussion moderated by Ms Adela Mao and joined by Ms Sun Huawei, Dr Anthony Neoh and Mr Horace Wong as panellists. Speakers delved into a detailed analysis of various key features of CISG as well as the differences between CISG and domestic trade law, exploring areas ranging from the validity issues and avoidance of contracts to the flexible remedies, in particular making reference to the failure in performance of supply contracts due to the pandemic situation.

What attendees say

• A very nice event, interesting and informative.
• Very clear and understandable.
• The presentation was very successful and productive. It met my expectations about CISG and its application to Hong Kong.

Early Days: Application of the CISG in Hong Kong and to Parties from Hong Kong

Professor Ulrich G. Schroeter

Some Key Features of the CISG

Ms Sun Huawei

Coping with COVID-19 Now and in the Future – Quo Vadis the CISG?

Dr Anthony Neoh SC JP

Application of CISG to Hong Kong and Key Differences between CISG and Domestic Trade Laws

Mr Horace Wong SC JP

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