31 July – 4 August 2023 6th Training Session of China-AALCO Exchange andResearch Program on International Law(Hong Kong SAR Session) Organisers:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ChinaAsian Academy of International Law Jointly organised by China and Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO), the China-AALCO Exchange and Research Program on International Law (CAERP) was established in 2015 with […]


Latest News 14 JULY 2023 AAIL Co-Chairman speaking at APSA Seminar Dr Anthony Neoh SC JP was invited to deliver the keynote speech at the seminar organised by Asia Pacific Structured Finance Association on 14 July 2023, which is supported by the Academy. In the presentation, Anthony brought forth the rules-based international order set up […]


28 June 2023 WEBINAR Review of Investor-State Arbitral Awards by States Courts:Recent French Decisions Organisers: Asian Academy of International Law AAIL Foundation With arbitration being a main approach to resolve investor-State disputes, recent years are seeing an increase in investor-State arbitral awards rendered by courts across different jurisdictions. Against this background, the webinar provided an […]


5 June 2023 Key Trends in Antitrust, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Sanctions and Foreign Direct Investment – Hong Kong, EU, UK and US Perspectives Organisers:Asian Academy of International LawAAIL Foundation From a cross-jurisdictional perspective, this seminar provided a rich discussion concentrating on some of the key developments that are of particular relevance and importance to businesses. Complimented […]


3 June 2023 俄烏衝突、中美博弈背景下的南海形勢 Organisers: Asian Academy of International Law AAIL Foundation Given the strategic importance of the South China Sea to the region and even the world at large, both geopolitically and economically, the South China Sea dispute has been attracting heightened attention. With Ms Teresa Cheng as the moderator, this lecture featured Dr […]


19 May 2023 The World Trade Organisation in an age of bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements: Is it still relevant to Hong Kong? Organisers:Asian Academy of International LawAAIL Foundation The world trade order has seen tremendous changes, from the establishment of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) dealing with the global rules of trade, to […]


27 April 2023 WEBINAR The Role of Corporate Governance in Coping with ESG Challenges Organisers: Asian Academy of International Law AAIL Foundation When addressing global climate change and sustainability issues, one of the greatest challenges facing all mankind, the private sectors are playing an increasingly significant role, especially under the ideological shift of regarding corporates […]

2023 CISG Workshop: The CISG vs. Contract Law in Hong Kong

24 Mar 2023 2023 CISG Workshop:The CISG vs. Contract Law in Hong Kong Organisers:Asian Academy of International LawAAIL Foundation Since its adoption in 1980, the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) has been widely recognised for providing a modern, uniform and fair legal regime for international sale of goods. […]


06 December 2022 WEBINAR 2022 Colloquium on International Law The Global Climate Crisis: Finding Common Ground Through International Law Organisers:Asian Academy of International LawAAIL FoundationChinese Society of International Law Sponsor:New World Group Charity Foundation Over the last few decades, mankind has been witnessing increasing carbon emission, rising sea levels, worsening extreme weather phenomena, etc. The […]


22 November 2022 WEBINAR Confidentiality and Legitimacy of International Arbitration: Are They Mutually Exclusive? Organisers:Asian Academy of International Law,AAIL Foundation Despite being widely perceived as one of the cornerstones of commercial arbitration, confidentiality is indeed neither automatically granted nor absolute, but instead is an issue entangled with a multitude of complexities and discrepancies across jurisdictions […]