Asian Academy of International Law
05 Nov 2019

Hong Kong Mediation Lecture 2019

The Benefits and Technical Challenges of Combining Mediation with Arbitration as Complementary Processes

Department of Justice of the Hong Kong SAR
Asian Academy of International Law

As the inaugural lecture of the Hong Kong Mediation Lecture series as well as part of the Hong Kong Legal Week 2019, this lecture aimed to promote the use of mediation and further the development of inclusive dispute resolution. It was graced with the presence of Ms Teresa Cheng, Secretary for Justice of the Hong Kong SAR, who delivered the opening remarks, and well attended by legal professionals, including both local and overseas scholars, practitioners, judges, and government officials. The internationally renowned speaker, Professor Jack J. Coe Jr., Professor of Law of the Pepperdine Law School in the US, started the lecture with a comparative review of different international dispute resolution techniques. After addressing the issue of the enforcement of settled agreements, he then highlighted the importance of having mediation and arbitration as two separate, independent and impartial processes led by individuals with recognised expertise.