Asian Academy of International Law
07 - 08 Jul 2017

2017 Colloquium on International Law

Common Future in Asia

Asian Academy of International Law
Chinese Society of International Law

Well attended by local and overseas participants from different sectors and backgrounds, this Colloquium marked the inaugural annual signature event of the Academy. It proved a unique platform for discussion on various complex issues revolving around three distinctive yet closely associated topics, namely ‘One Country Two Systems: Interaction with International Law’, ‘Investment Collaboration: Opportunities and Challenges for Asia’, and ‘Interpretation of Treaties and UNCLOS: The Regime of Islands, Rocks and Offshore Archipelagos’. Among other eminent guests and speakers, Mr Rimsky Yuen, Secretary for Justice of the Hong Kong SAR, Professor Teresa Cheng, Chairman of the Academy, and Dr Li Shishi, President of Chinese Society of International Law, addressed welcome remarks, while Mr Liu Zhenmin, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Mr Tung Chee-hwa, former Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR, and Professor Zhang Yuejiao, former Chairman and Member of WTO Appellate Body, delivered keynote speeches. The Honourable Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR, also graced the Colloquium with her presence, affirming the significance of this event and the relevancy of the chosen topics in times of cross-border collaboration.