Asian Academy of International Law
22 Sep 2017

Partnering in Asia and Africa in Major Infrastructure Projects

Asian Academy of International Law

Along with the launching of the Chinese government’s Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, huge business opportunities ensued, further bringing to the fore the ubiquitous presence of public-private partnerships of various forms at national and international levels, as exemplified in large-scale infrastructure projects of transportation and telecommunications facilities. This seminar, attracting many stakeholders in the construction industry, their legal and financial advisors, and government officials from Asian and African countries, was considered as a great opportunity to deliberate on the structuring of such partnerships in order to strengthen these collaborations. Distinguished speakers from both government bodies and private enterprises addressed a wide array of topics, such as relevant cases in the Hong Kong context, the specific requirements for investments in infrastructure projects in different fields, the criteria and approaches in financing major infrastructure projects, debates related to sovereign immunity for State-owned enterprises as well as legal risks involved in such partnerships.