Asian Academy of International Law
09 Mar 2017

South China Sea: Recent Development and Future Prospects

Asian Academy of International Law

In response to the speculation about the probable action of China and other neighbouring countries after the issuance of the court decision on Manila’s case that invalidated Beijing’s claims to South China Sea (SCS), this lecture and roundtable discussion, led by Dr Wu Shicun, aimed to examine the latest development and future prospects of SCS. As President of National Institute for South China Sea Studies and Deputy Director of the Collaborative Innovation Center of South China Sea Studies of Nanjing University, Dr Wu succinctly elaborated on the background of the regional conflicts and seminal events involved, affirming the significance to confer and collaborate with other countries in the region in order to reach new consensus, resolve disputes through consultations, as well as ensure long-term regional stability of SCS. Invited guests and attendees, including academics, legal practitioners, and government officials, appreciated the speaker’s remarkable breadth of experience and depth of knowledge.